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Fire AlarmsIn some small, open-plan, single-storey offices and shops, a fire may be obvious to everyone as soon as it starts. In these cases, where the number and position of exits and the travel distance to them is adequate, a simple shout of ‘fire’ or a simple manually operated device, such as a gong or air horn that can be heard by everybody when operated from any single point within the building, may be all that is needed. Where a simple shout or manually operated device is not adequate, it is likely that an electrical fire warning system will be required.

In larger premises, particularly those with more than one floor, where an alarm given from any single point is unlikely to be heard throughout the building an electrical system incorporating sounders and manually operated call points (break-glass boxes) is likely to be required. This type of system is likely to be acceptable where all parts of the building are occupied at the same time and it is unlikely that a fire could start without somebody noticing it quickly.

However, where there are unoccupied areas, or common corridors and circulation spaces in multi-occupied premises, in which a fire could develop to the extent that escape routes could be affected before the fire is discovered, an automatic fire detection system may be necessary.



It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Article 17 that the responsible person must keep the fire alarm maintained and in a good state of repair. If you fail to meet all the requirements in the Fire safety order you may face prosecution, prohibition or even imprisonment


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