Tracey Michelle Kirkton an Independent and Freelance Fire Safety Consultant



When I complete a fire risk assessment I aim at satisfying the requirements of the appropriate legislation.

The objective of the risk assessment will primarily be the safety of the occupants of the building. While some of the recommendations I may make could also be beneficial to property protection, I would not be specifically addressing this objective nor the objective of avoiding business interruption from fire.

Non compliance may lead to prosecution and result in substantial fines and even closure of part or all of your workplace/premises. (see my news section).

The “responsible person/s” must manage any fire risk on the premises, and to do this he/she/they need to carry out a fire risk assessment.

The “responsible person/s” must manage any fire risk on the premises, and to do this a fire risk assessment must be completed and reviewed on a regular basis.

The Fire Risk Assessment will generally follow the principles contained within ‘The Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guidance Documents’ which recommend a five-step approach:

1. Identify Hazards

2. Identify persons at risk in the event of a fire

3. Evaluate the risks

4. Record the significant findings and actions to be taken

5. Keep assessment under review

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