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 Fire Door Surveys
Tracey Michelle Kirkton MIFSM

Fire doors need to be routinely inspected, this is to ensure they are in good working order. Fire doors help slow down and stop the spread of fire and fumes throughout a building; therefore, if they are faulty, the effects could be devastating and fatal.

All commercial buildings should have a fire risk assessment. A risk assessor should always look at any fire doors in the building and determine any problems. The risk assessor will notify any apparent problems, such as cracks in the door or breaks in the seal, but they will not give an in-depth look. This is where a fire door survey differs.


What sets a survey apart from a risk assessment?

What Is a Fire Door Survey?
Since the Grenfell Tower disaster, the realisation that many commercial and residential buildings do not have the correct, safe, legal fire safety requirements has entered the public eye. Fire door surveys are crucial, amongst other checks. Fire doors stop the spread of fire and the fumes throughout a building, giving residents, employees and visitors time to evacuate, along with preventing the fire from destroying the building.

Fire door surveys are a process where all fire doors in a building are checked vigorously, ensuring they are working to the best possible standard. Having routine surveys completed could make a massive difference in the case of an emergency.

What Is The Law regarding Fire Doors?
Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO/FSO) makes it a legal requirement that fire doors are correctly installed and maintained to be fit for purpose. Recent changes in legal requirements have shifted the responsibility of fire safety of a building from the fire authorities to whoever has day-to-day control of the premises.

What Is Checked in a Fire Door Survey?
● Door frame

● Door Seal

● Hinges

● Self-closing devices

● Glazing

● Signage

● Gaps around the door

● Locks

● Handles

● Intumescent strips

● Hold-open devices


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